“The Most Cutting-Edge Group in London”

“Here’s a city full of people engaged in every type of personal development technique and socially transformative strategy – from meditation groups and psychotherapy sessions, to yoga classes and meetings of arm-chair visionaries and practical activists – and Gary Hawke’s Integral Life Practice manages to come out as the most cutting-edge group in London.

Why? Because ILP includes it all, and more. It’s kind of like a psychodrama workshop – but it’s a relaxed and open group; it’s kind of like a Chi Kung workout – but sometimes we dance like crazy and sometimes we lie down and breathe; it’s kind of like a deep Buddhist meditation group – everyone’s reporting breakthroughs – but there’s no Buddha and no dogma. It’s kind of like a visionary talking circle, but the visions are not fantasies, it’s grounded in the most comprehensive picture of reality ever painted. These things are all part of what goes on in this group, but the whole that we work through is greater than the sum of these parts.

Everyone has different interests and different practices outside the group, but we often share the experience that putting all these pieces together sends ripples out through the rest of our lives, revealing a deeper purpose and motive for transformation, and an entirely new, more inclusive, and more effective approach to personal growth.

This group really is one of a kind and an amazing opportunity to explore Integral principles in a friendly atmosphere.”

By Leo Alexander

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  • Evolutionary V’s Integral (Sunday 30th May 2010)
  • May 25, 2010
  • I have just received the below from Chris Parish the Managing Director of EnlightenNext London… As you may know, Terry is a member of our group and came over in 2008 to run an ILP workshop. This is a great chance to hear one of the best practitioners of Integral practice.

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